Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Where is Warrington?

It's been an odd few months.  As we run towards the summer things always get a little more interesting as people get out and about, make more contacts and generally spend a bit more time with the creative side of themselves.  It just works better in the sun.

So, as we find ourselves on the edge of the summer and heading into a truly digital few months with the Olympics (and associated cultural Olympiad) and the Jubilee, it's an exciting time to be around.  Especially in the north-west where the London Olympics is being digitally constructed and will play a central part over the events that are lined up.

We're continuing to branch out as a group and are trying to embrace the types of technology that are playing a key part of what will be a step-change in broadcast, web and mobile technology.  This is coupled with an instinct to blend with the traditional arts and creative sectors.

Events in Warrington also continue to ramp up, with the Cultural Quarter starting to really come alive.  With a combination of hard-work and creative focus, the bars, restaurants and venues are clearly making progress in putting the town on the map.  WAcreative is bringing a regular horde into the quarter and events like the recent Stone Roses gig have highlighted, on a national stage, that Warrington is a force to be reckoned with.

This force is at its best when the various parties are working together and pushing for the same thing.  We've got an opportunity through the summer to do something special - especially as we've got round two of the Contemporary Arts Festival on the agenda.

As a group, we remain focussed on connecting the various creative elements from around the town in an informal setting.  We are not a traditional networking event and do not have a formal structure.  Each meetup takes around a month to organise and the diverse mix of speakers that we bring in is reflective of the types of people we try to bring to the meetups.  We think this is one of our strengths - so if you want to get involved in any way, do get in touch.

We have some big plans for the next few months planned.  In the mean-time though, we'd really value your feedback about your experiences with WAcreative - so if you could spend two minutes on eight questions, we'll take a look at what your preferences are and try to take them on-board.

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