Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The tricky second

It's widely known that knocking-up a follow-up is difficult and with the exception of Terminator 2 (and maybe Aliens), there's very few things that do it better than the original. So it was tough going into the second meetup for WAc.

We had to deal with Arctic conditions but for the brave few who battled through to be treated to a brilliant presentation by Ian Carroll it was excellent. But for those who couldn't make it, a brief overview of discussions is presented for your viewing pleasure.

First up, it's been a fairly tough month but we've managed to get a second meetup in, setup the jobs feed for WAc and get sponsorship sorted. Not too shabby! So we're now on the hunt to grow the group - we'll be reconsidering the venue, while we love dearly The Lounge, something just isn't quite gelling, so if anyone has any suggestions, holla!

We're also going to skip a Meetup in December simply due to the fact that everyone has loads on already and it doesn't make sense competing with this so we'll wait till the new year and have a big one to really kick-off 2011. Please help spread the word where you can by letting those around you know what's going on.

And lastly, drinks will be on us again at the January Meetup. Should take the sting out of the wallet a little after Christmas. Ah, also (saying "lastly always opens you up for this type of random thought..), we've just fired up a LinkedIn group - say hi.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Getting creative (jobs)

Part functional, part experimentation. This mix can be applied to many things with invariably interesting results. Never ones to shy away from science and experimentation, we've mashed a couple of sources together (for those interested, Monster, Guardian Jobs and Indeed) to form our first venture in pushing creative jobs out.

This twitter stream will (attempt!) to deliver relevant jobs in and around Warrington. We'll continue to add sources over time. You can find us @WAc_jobs. Follow us; you never know what you might find.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hello world!

Welcome along!

This is just one of those first posts that everyone inevitably logs when they sign up for a new service. They usually make minimal contribution to the wider world and have very little meaning than delivering those ever famous two words, hello world. Avoidance of this is now at the forefront of my mind.

The purpose of this page is to document the efforts of the folks at WAcreative (soon to be abbreviated to WAc I would imagine) as we try to get the group off the ground. Hopefully we can avoid any connotations there!

So, diving into episode one, we find ourselves in a turbulent environment. WAc (damn it!) is setup to deliver a mixing pot for those working in the creative industries in and around Warrington. It's a very simple idea really, connect people who work in the same industry and let everyone make some connections. This is something that has been sadly lacking in town for a while and we'll try our best to sort that out. We'll also try to remember to maintain this site as a documentary of how well (or otherwise!) we do.

We ran the first meetup back in October. The event was a massive success, aside from us having to compete with the comedy night at the Lounge. The ideology of these events is primarily to connect people, but secondarily to create something more than the sum of its parts. And to do it in a fun and informal way. So if you're new to the ideas of meetups, don't feel at all put-off by coming down, all are welcome. So whether you work in digital media, music or photography, welcome to the pot.

We've just scheduled the second meetup for the 30th November and we look forward to seeing you there. We've also got the WAc twitter feed fired up so follow and keep in touch that way.