Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Part 3

Back in August or September 2010 in Greenwich I spent a couple of hours in a coffee shop, with a pad and a couple of cockneys.  It was raining and after a while I'd managed to jot down a couple of things that looked pretty interesting.

This weekend, we're getting ready to unveil the next part of the plan.  WAcreative has gone from strength to strength in the town and this is a testament to the people who attend these meetups.  On Saturday we'll announce two new initiatives that we hope will compliment WAcreative and allow us to really drive forward the best of the town.

We've been working hard in the background for the last 12 months laying out a framework and we've started to expand this.   We'll be moving into Newcastle in February with our first event in the North East which we're extremely excited about.  The same goal still exists, which is to create meaningful relationships with businesses in the area and to real showcase what's on offer.

The plan really is made up of five parts, WAcreative being front and centre.  We are extremely excited about the next few weeks and don't normally get the opportunity to dedicate much time to promoting events that are coming up so we thought a timely toot of the own horn at this stage was worth it.

As we head into 2012, we're going to be making a lot of noise.  Bring it on.

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