Sunday, 8 May 2011

Episode VI

Sitting down to quickly update this page is a little bit weird every time. There's been countless times since I last wrote here that I thought should really get round to getting this down but then something gets in the way and the update slips away. So, I'll try to delve back through the mists of time in my mind to capture everything!

We just had our first non-Lounge hosted WAc event at the Gallery at Bank Quay House which was a brilliant night and, despite us having arguably the best beer garden weather of the year, the turn-out continued to be high. Thanks all!

We've also seen the launch of Warrington Arts blog which is your place to go to keep an eye on all things creative in the town. This is a great initiative by the folks at the Gallery and links all of the output from their venue, but also the Pyramid and Parr Hall coupled with information about exhibitions and interviews with artists.

There's a real vibe developing in the town at the moment and we're really hoping to continue working with everyone who is doing such a great job or driving it forward - the forthcoming Contemporary Arts festival (sneak peak at the logo here) should prove an awesome proving ground for the scene in town and should ram home the message that it's not all about Liverpool and Manchester, the place that is so often overlooked in the middle, is standing up proud at the moment. Keep an eye out for more about the festival here and on WAc.

Anyway! Back to the main topic, developing WAc as a group. Well, we've managed to rack up five meetups and we've hit 53 members of the group. This is way higher than I thought we'd ever reach by this point so I think it's fair to say, good stuff! The sixth event will be at another venue and we're really excited about this one but we're also looking for your input into what works for you and what you'd like to see more of, so please do leave your thoughts.

And lastly, for the photographers out there, what do you think about this idea? A group for photographers of all abilities where we pick a theme, pick a location and go crazy. Let us know via the discussion board!

See you at the next meetup!

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